Here you will find the most updated list of prayers submitted by our congregation. If you would like to add, edit, or remove someone from this list, please use the "contact us" button below and update us accordingly. 


Ardy Chase - Fall - LGUMC Faith Family

Rev. Joe Peabody - Stroke

Chris Evans - LGUMC Faith Family

Roberta Simmons - LGUMC Faith Family

Margaret Jones - LGUMC Faith Family


The Whitfield Family—Grandfather’s Passing

Bev Turner - Health Concerns - Mother of Terry Knapp

Dawne Hannon - Numerous Surgeries/Healing - Niece of Keith Knapp

Beth Jones - Radiation/Chemotherapy- Sister of Tim & Angel Jones

Elizabeth Daniel - Lupus - Daughter of Dana Daniel

Levi Walker - Heart Surgery/Recovery - Father of Gwyn Newman

Romona Alleman - In home Hospice care - Mother of Sandy Ball

Shannon Duffey - Mini Strokes - Aunt of Jessica Goodman

Felton Henderson - Kidney Failure - Son of Kathy Engeman

William Collins Jr. - MS & Trigeminal Neuralgia - Son of Claudette Towe

Tommy Holder - Health Concerns - Cousin of Warren & Cindy Holder

John Johns - Missing - Father of Sarah Johns Smith

Emily Holder - Cancer & Treatment - Cousin of Cindy & Warren Holder

Andy Peabody - Cancer Diagnosis/Surgery/Treatment - Brother of Rev. Joe Peabody

Betty Walker - Health Concerns - Family of Cheryl & Clay Davis

Beth Willis - Abdominal Cancer - Sister of David Willis

Katy Kelly - Crohn’s Disease - Niece of Mary Mularz

Diane Whitley - Health Concerns - Sister of Tim Jones

Mike Barcus - Multiple Sclerosis - Cousin of Phyllis Allen
Susan Kirkland - Stage 4 Lung Cancer/Treatment -  Mother in law of  Penni Kirkland


Chuck Turner - Hospital/Healing - Friend of Robert Murphy

The Family of Bruce Goepfert - Friend of Darcy Whitfield

Dennise Duckett  - Friend of LGUMC

Jim Bailey - Wife's sudden passing - Friend of Dana Daniel

Julie Bennett Blount - Liver cancer/In need of transplant - Friend of Judy Varner

David Fields - Cancer - Friend of Robert Murphy

Charlene Corris - Bone Cancer - Friend of  Kathy Engeman

Linda Jackson - Breast Cancer - Friend of Claudette Towe

Trenton Duckett & Family - Missing child since 2006 - Friend of Darcy Whitfield

Gloria - Health Concerns -  Friend of Debra Simone

Win Rankin - Myasthenia Gravis - Friend of Debby Bailey

Billy Poe Jr. & Family - Cancer Diagnosis - Friend of Landon Webster

Betty Simpson - Final Stages of Pancreatic Cancer - Friend of Donna Baker