Father's Day 2020

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
    I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

Psalm 32:8

In Memory Of

In Honor Of


Hubert Banks, Sr. By Bert & Gigi Banks

David Brenner By Bruce & Brenda Howard

Bobby Brown By Dee Elkins

Bobby Brown By Joan & John Pope

Bobby Brown By Ted & Ann Decker

Mike Cantrell By The Carpenter Family

Billy Carter (Granddaddy) Love Scoot, Dana,

John Carter & Timmy

Andrew Chasteen By Peggy Garland

Charles Clackum By Ted & Ann Decker

Joe Collins By Dee Elkins

Ralph Combs By Dee Elkins

Edgar Combs (grandpa) By Lyn & Pat Garland

Henry Lee Cook By Dee Elkins

Henry Lee Cook By Joan & John Pope

Frank Currul By Bruce & Brenda Howard

Frank Currul By Dee Elkins

Phil Davis (father) By Lyn & Pat Garland

Albert Decker By Dee Elkins

Albert Decker By Ted & Ann Decker

D. H. Elkins By Dee Elkins

Dan Elkins By Dee Elkins

Jack Elkins By Dee Elkins

Lamar Elkins By Dee Elkins

Richard Elkins By Dee Elkins

Richy Elkins By Aunt Dee

Robert Elkins By Bert & Gigi Banks

Robert Elkins By Bruce & Brenda Howard

Robert Elkins By Dee Elkins

Robert Elkins By Joan & John Pope

Bob Engeman, Sr By Joan & John Pope

Robert Engeman, Sr By Dee Elkins

John Farr By Dee Elkins

Larry Foster By Dee Elkins

Larry Foster By Mary Mularz

Ed Fransioli By Dee Elkins

Paul Garland (father) By Lyn & Pat Garland

Paul Gorman By The Carpenter Family

John Grall By Dee Elkins

Harry Griffin (grandpa) By Lyn & Pat Garland

George Helton By Bert & Gigi Banks

Bill Hobbs By Dee Elkins

Emory Holder (PawPaw) Love Scoot, Dana,

John Carter & Timmy

David Howard By Bruce & Brenda Howard

David Howard Love Mom

Alan Jones By Tim, Angel and family

Ray Jones By Dee Elkins

Ray Jones By Tim, Angel, Jeramey, Heather,

Casie, Brandon, Keatyn, Skyla & Maggie

Gene Kelly By Mary Mularz

Emmette Kelly, Jr. By Mary Mularz

Bill Kincade By Dee Elkins

Bill Kincade By Joan & John Pope

Bill Kincade By Mary Mularz

Bill Kincade By Bert & Gigi Banks

Howard Landis By Dee Elkins

Jake Lindsey By Dee Elkins

Jake Lindsey By Joan & John Pope

Newt Lindsey By Joan & John Pope

Newton Lindsey By Dee Elkins

Jack Long By Dee Elkins

Jack Long By Joan & John Pope

Claude "Speedy" Lyle By Tim, Angel, Jeramey, Heather, Casie, Brandon, Keatyn, Skyla & Maggie

Charles McCarter By Joan & John Pope

Tom Morfoot By Joan & John Pope

Tom Morfoot By Mary Mularz

Tom Morfoot By Dee Elkins

Jim Mularz By Dee Elkins

Jim Mularz By Mary Mularz

Thomas Nipper By Dee Elkins

Tom Nipper By Joan & John Pope

Tom Nipper By Mary Mularz

Tom Nipper By Ted & Ann Decker

Jon Pace By Dee Elkins

Todd Pace By Dee Elkins

Pastor Joe Peabody, Sr By Dee Elkins

James Poole By The Carpenter Family

John Pope, Sr. By Dee Elkins 

Bill Rentz By Dee Elkins

Bill Rentz By Mary Mularz

Raymond Ritchey (grandpa) By Lyn & Pat Garland

Frank Smith By Dee Elkins

Frank Smith By Mary Mularz

Frank Smith By Ted & Ann Decker

Will Smith (grandpa) By Lyn & Pat Garland

Frank Tingle By Joan & John Pope

Bez Walker By Dee Elkins

Darryl Walker By Mary Mularz

Dave Walker By Dee Elkins

Milton Walker By Dee Elkins

Tim Ward Love Scoot, Dana, John Carter & Timmy

Bill Ward, Sr. By Dee Elkins

William   Wright By Dee Elkins

Larry Allen By Dee Elkins

Don Austin By Joan & John Pope

Donald Austin By Dee Elkins

Larry Austin By Dee Elkins

Larry Austin By Joan & John Pope

Raymond Bailey By Dee Elkins

Scott Ball By Dee Elkins

Scott Ball By Joan & John Pope

Bert Banks By Dee Elkins

Bert Banks By Joan & John Pope

Bert Banks By LGUMC Preschool

Bobby Banks By Bert & Gigi Banks

Shawn Barnes By Dee Elkins

James Bass By Dee Elkins

Bryan Benefield By Dee Elkins

David Brake By Cubby, Casie and Maggie

Keith Brenner Love G.G. Mom

Bobby Brown By Dee Elkins

Jim Brown By Dee Elkins

Sammy Brown By Dee Elkins

Sammy Brown By Joan & John Pope

Sammy Brown By LGUMC Preschool

Sammy Brown By Ted & Ann Decker

Zeb Brown By Dee Elkins

Zeb Brown By Ted & Ann Decker

Keith Carpenter By Dee Elkins

Keith Carpenter By Kathryn, Joey & Braxton

Cary Castellaw By Dee Elkins

Tim Chase By Ted & Ann Decker

Terry Cockrum By Bert & Gigi Banks

Dennis Combs By Dee Elkins

Dennis Combs By Ted & Ann Decker

Buster Cook By Dee Elkins

Buster Cook By LGUMC Preschool

Buster Cook Love Scoot, Dana, John

Carter & Timmy

Donnie Cook By Dee Elkins

Frank E Currul By Bruce & Brenda Howard

Steven Currul By Bruce & Brenda Howard

Dana Daniel By Dee Elkins

Dana Daniel By Ted & Ann Decker

Clay Davis By Dee Elkins

Clay Davis By Joan & John Pope

Eric Davis By Dee Elkins

Eric Davis By Joan & John Pope

Warren Davis By Joan & John Pope

Richard Davis (brother) By Pat & Lyn Garland

Chris Day By Dee Elkins

Ted Decker By Ann Decker

Ted Decker By LGUMC Preschool

Ted Decker By Dee Elkins

Ted (Pap) Decker By Tammy, Joe,

Clayton, Lisa, Joey & Ellie

Richard Edwards By Dee Elkins

Brad Elkins Love Grandma

Jeff Elkins By Bruce & Brenda Howard

Jeff Elkins Love Mom

John Elkins By Aunt Dee

Ryan Elkins Love Grandma

Steve Elkins By Aunt Dee

Steve Elkins By Ted & Ann Decker

Bob Engeman, Jr. By Dee Elkins

Jason Faircloth by Bruce & Brenda Howard

Christopher Farr By Dee Elkins

Richard Farr By Dee Elkins

Richard Farr By Joan & John Pope

Brad Fawcett By Dee Elkins

Brad Fawcett By LGUMC Preschool

Ben Fry By Dee Elkins

Daniel Fry By Dee Elkins

Don Fry By Dee Elkins

Dale Fuller By Dee Elkins

Allen Garland By Dee Elkins

Andrew Garland By Peggy Garland

Andy Garland By Dee Elkins

Andy Garland By Peggy Garland

Andy Garland By Ted & Ann Decker

James Garland By Peggy Garland

Lyn Garland By Dee Elkins

Lyn Garland By Joan & John Pope

Lyn Garland By Pat Garland

Lyn Garland By Ted & Ann Decker

John Garland (brother) By Pat & Lyn Garland

Paul Garland (son) By Pat & Lyn Garland

Kevin Gillespie By Dee Elkins

Kevin Gillespie By Joan & John Pope

Kevin Gillespie By Ted & Ann Decker

Jonathan Green By Dee Elkins

Jerry Harper By Dee Elkins

Jerry Harper By Joan & John Pope

Ronnie Harvil By Joan & John Pope

Gary Helton By Bert & Gigi Banks

Ricky Hicks By Dee Elkins

Bobby Higgins By Dee Elkins

Bobby Higgins By Joan & John Pope

John Carter Holder By Dee Elkins

Scoot Holder Love Dana, John Carter & Timmy

Scoot Holder By Dee Elkins

Timmy Holder By Dee Elkins

Warren Holder Love Scoot, Dana, 

John Carter & Timmy

Warren Holder, Sr. By Dee Elkins 

Randy Holmes by Bert & Gigi Banks

Joe Hortman By Ted & Ann Decker

Bill Howard By Dee Elkins

Bruce Howard By Brenda Howard

Bruce Howard By Joan & John Pope

Bruce Howard Love Mom

Michael Jenkins By Dee Elkins

Jeramey Jones By Cubby, Casie and Maggie 

Jeramey Jones By Dee Elkins

Jeramey Jones By Skyla

Jeramey Jones By Ted & Ann Decker

Jeramey Jones By Tim & Angel

Perry Jones By Bert & Gigi Banks

Tim Jones By Angel, Jeramey, Heather,

Casie & Brandon

Tim Jones By Cubby, Casie and Maggie McDowell

Tim Jones By Dee Elkins

Tim Jones By Ted & Ann Decker

Tim "Pop-Pop" Jones By Keatyn, Skyla & Maggie

Charles Keister By Dee Elkins

Tyler Kelley By Cubby, Casie and Maggie 

Josh Kimbrel By Peggy Garland

Keith Knapp By Dee Elkins

Keith Knapp By Joan & John Pope

Michael Knight By Dee Elkins

Ron Kovar (brother-in- law) By

Pat & Lyn Garland

Kel Lee By Dee Elkins

Joey Mabrey By Ted & Ann Decker

Dylan McCarter By Dee Elkins

Scott McCarter By Dee Elkins

Eddie McCullers By Dee Elkins

Tom McCullough By Dee Elkins

"Cubby" McDowell By Maggie and Piper

Brandon McDowell By Dee Elkins

Brandon McDowell By Ted & Ann Decker

Brandon McDowell By Tim & Angel Jones

Kenneth J. McDowell By Cubby, Casie

and Maggie McDowell

Alex McGiness By Dee Elkins

Ross McQueen By Dee Elkins

Ross McQueen By Joan & John Pope

Ross McQueen By LGUMC Preschool

Robert Murphy By Dee Elkins

Mike Osterholt By Dee Elkins

Allen Pace By Dee Elkins

Kimbrough Pace By Dee Elkins

John Parker By Dee Elkins

Morris Patton By Dee Elkins

Andy Peabody By Dee Elkins

Joe Peabody By Joan & John Pope

Pastor Joe Peabody, Jr By Dee Elkins

Brian Polk By Dee Elkins

Stephen Polk By Dee Elkins

Wesley Polk By Dee Elkins

Wesley Polk By Joan & John Pope

John Pope By Dee Elkins

John Pope By Ted & Ann Decker

John Pope By Joan Pope

Brett Preston By Bert & Gigi Banks

Fred Purcell By Dee Elkins

Fred Purcell By Joan & John Pope

Justin Rager By Dee Elkins

Steve Rager By Dee Elkins

Steve Rager By LGUMC Preschool

Steve Rager By Ted & Ann Decker

Tom Ronan By Dee Elkins

Darrell Smith By Dee Elkins

Jerry Standard By Ted & Ann Decker

Jerry Standard By Dee Elkins

David Styers By Dee Elkins

Barry Summey By Dee Elkins

Barry Summey By Joan & John Pope

Barry Summey By Ted & Ann Decker

Robert Thomas By Dee Elkins

Robert Thomas By Joan & John Pope

Barry Tilton By Dee Elkins

Barry Tilton By LGUMC Preschool

David Trautman By Dee Elkins

Larry Turner By Dee Elkins

Dan Varner By Dee Elkins

Neil Vogel By Dee Elkins

Justin Waldroup By Dee Elkins

Billy Ward By Dee Elkins

Greg Ward By Bert & Gigi Banks

Bill Ward, Jr. By Dee Elkins

Landon Webster By Dee Elkins

Richard Welch By Joan & John Pope

Richard Welch By Dee Elkins

Kevin Whitfield By Dee Elkins

David Williamson By Dee Elkins

David Williamson By Joan & John Pope

David Williamson By Ted & Ann Decker

David Willis By Dee Elkins

Dan Wilson By The Carpenter Family

George Wilson By Dee Elkins

George Wilson By The Carpenter Family

James Wilson By The Carpenter Family

Thomas Wilson By The Carpenter Family

Timothy Wilson, Jr. By Dee Elkins

Sunday Biscuit Crew By Joan & John Pope

The Lawn Rangers By Bert & Gigi Banks

The Lawn Rangers By Joan & John Pope